Indoor Worship

As of September 27 we are back in the sanctuary for 8 o'clock and 10 o'clock services. These will be Holy Eucharist services and bring-your-own-bread or cracker will still be the practice - don't worry if you forget, you can pick up one of the host containers as you enter the sanctuary.

Many of you will not be ready to return to indoor worship, and that is perfectly fine--it is important that everyone does what feels safe to them. As Fr. Curtis said in a recent email, there are some for whom outdoor worship was comfortable but heading inside is uncomfortable, and some others who feel just the opposite. Again, do what is comfortable for you.

If you are not ready to participate in indoor worship, the online service will be available each week and can be found by clicking on the ‘Remote Worship’ icon on the home page. If you are missing the sacrament and want Communion, please speak to Fr. Curtis and he will work something out that feels safe for you.

As we return to indoor worship, we will expect people to self-screen, wear masks at all times and observe physical distance protocols. We have a supply of masks if you forget!

Please don't come to church if:

  • You have had close contact with an individual infected with COVID-19 within the last
    14 days. 

  • You have had close contact within the last 14 days with an individual suspected of
    being infected with COVID-19, including individuals exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms 

  • You are currently experiencing, or have experienced in the past 14 days, fever, cough
    or shortness of breath.

  • You have traveled to an area that is under a Level 2, 3 or 4 travel advisory by the U.S. State Department.  

The biggest risk factors continue to be droplets, underlying health conditions, prolonged exposure in small, crowded indoor spaces. We have learned that masks and distancing really do work to control droplet infection, so of course we continue with that. The sanctuary, though not good for air exchange, has a lot of air space, so that is in our favor, and we will only be there for an hour, maybe less with no music, there is very little talking by most of you except some responses, the Lord's Prayer, etc., and of course the sanctuary is mostly vacant for most of the week and the virus does not last long on surfaces. We will be cleaning surfaces, particularly pews, between the services (help with this is welcome), but it is important to remember that the virus is not some little bug that will crawl up your leg or your arm and into your mouth, eyes, or nose---it takes your hands and fingers! There will be lots of hand sanitizer around. There will be disinfecting wipes in the bathrooms, and we are asking that if you use the bathrooms,
you wipe down the surfaces that you have touched before you leave.

                            Guidelines for indoor worship:

  • Please wear a mask at all times. We have masks if you forget yours!

  • Upon entering the building please maintain physical distancing protocols.

  • Exiting the sanctuary after the service we will dismiss the last rows first and so on, so that physical distancing can be easily maintained.

  • We have measured the distance in the pews and they will be marked with masking tape as to where you can sit.

    • Look for the masking tape on the back of a pew and sit there so that you are looking at the tape when you sit down (the tape should not be behind you).

    • On the LEFT side of the church as you are looking towards the altar, opposite ends of each alternating pew will be marked for singles and couples to sit.

    • On the RIGHT side of the church every other pew can be used for two or more people from one household to sit. Every other pew will be blocked off in order to maintain safe distancing.

  • The offering basket will be at the back of the church and will not be passed.

  • Each person will pick up their own bulletin.

  • For 8 o'clockers this may not look or feel too different other than not coming forward to take Communion.

  • For 10 o'clockers the lack of music and singing and movement restrictions will feel very different--so just come prepared for that!

  • Ushers will be on hand to assist you in navigating the above guidelines.

It is interesting to note (according to the NH Dept. of Health and Human Services) that there are currently no cases in Littleton --let's keep it that way! Certainly, if the prevalence of cases in the area increases dramatically we may need to rethink our precautions and how and if we have church services indoors. We will follow the advice of good Public Health experts, our Bishop, and our Governor.


Virtual Zoom coffee hour will continue at 11:15am. Click here for more information.

Facts not fear. Clean Hands. Open Hearts.

All Saints' is proud to be a parish in the Diocese of New Hampshire, under the leadership of
the Rt. Rev. A. Robert Hirschfeld. He is in our prayers, as we are in his.
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