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Centering Prayer & Book Club Style Study

On the Saturdays in Lent (starting Feb. 25)  Fr. Curtis will offer a Centering Prayer time at 9:30am to be followed at 10:00am by a book club style study of How to be a Climate Optimist: Blueprints for a Better World, by Chris Turner. This is not necessarily a spiritual book, but for those of us who believe God calls us to 'Care for Creation' it has its spiritual ramifications. Let Fr. Curtis now if you want a copy ($27) and would like to join this study. This book study will be offered to other churches in town and to the wider community too--come for Centering Prayer or the book study, or both! From the Amazon description: Chris Turner has reported from the places where the sustainable future first emerged--from green islands in Denmark and green office parks in southern India, to solar panel factories in California and idealistic intentional communities from Scotland to New Mexico. Here, he condenses the first quarter century of the global energy transition into bite-sized chunks of optimistic reflection and reportage, telling a story of a planet in peril and a global effort already beginning to save it. This is a book that moves past the despair and futile anger over ecological collapse and harnesses that passion toward the project of building a twenty-first century quality of life that surpasses the twentieth-century version in every way.  

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Into the Wild: A Family-Friendly Devotional on Henri Matisse
and the Season of Lent


Take a walk into the wild, on a 40-day adventure filled with wild beasts, wild love, beauties, challenges, visions –and bold, bright colors.

In this family-friendly Lenten devotional full of Scripture, art, and activities, we take this adventure with Henri  Matisse, one of the most daring and beloved artists in modern history. Great for any age!

So grab a pencil (or a crayon, or a paintbrush!), your favorite Bible, and a decent internet connection (all the paintings referenced can be found online.) Week by week, with the words of Scripture and the art of Henri Matisse as our guides, we’ll head into the wild – all the way to the beautiful, joyful love of Easter morning.”

Join Terri Fillion & Sheelagh Higginson to chat about your Lenten journey with Matisse  on Sunday, March 12 and/or Sunday, April 2 (Palm Sunday) after the 10:00am service. This will also be an opportunity to put paint to canvas or pencil/crayon to paper or wherever your creative journey leads you.

Below are links to two versions of the devotional along with an instruction sheet if you are having issues accessing the document on your technology or you need print instructions!

1. Instruction sheet

2. A digital version that has clickable links to the referenced paintings. This version is perfect for laptops, desktops, phones and tablets!

3. A print version (if you need a copy printed, please check with the office)


3a. An accompanying sheet to the print version containing clickable links to the referenced paintings. You will need an internet connection to be able to click through to the referenced paintings.

If you have questions please speak with Terri Fillion or Sheelagh Higginson.
Let's be creative this Lent! 


Podcast: Strange New World: Jesus, Wendell, and Henri

Click below (Part 1 / Part 2) and take a listen to this wonderful podcast that is a companion offering to the Into The Wild Lenten Devotional above. It also a great stand alone podcast - give it a listen. 


  • Part 1 - Trust:  In this episode, we explore how Wendell Berry’s practice of Sabbath walking (and writing) and Henri Matisse’s approach to “realism” can shed light on Matthew’s famous story of Jesus’ temptation in the wilderness.

  • Part 2 - Light: In this episode, we dive deeper into Henri Matisse’s luminous vision of the artist, Wendell Berry’s meditations on divine joy, and one of the most famous (and misunderstood) verses in the New Testament, John 3:16: “For God so loved the world…”

It's not too late to start your Lenten journey with Matisse - you'll quickly catch-up - Into The Wild (a family-friendly devotional on Henri Matisse and the Season of Lent) is available above. 

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