Share A Prayer Ministry




A few years ago, Lisa Beausoleil, Junior Warden and dedicated 8:00 o'clocker, introduced Share a Prayer. This is a simple, yet powerful, ministry that all are invited to participate in.

Each week we pray for the people on our parish prayer list. They have asked for our prayers and have given us permission to put their names in our bulletin. Share a Prayer is different; it is for the people that we all pray for, not because it was asked but because of our faith and our generosity. They may be ill or struggling. For instance, you may pray for the woman next door who is caring for a terminally ill relative, or someone who is going through a messy divorce. This ministry allows us to hold all of these people in prayer. In other words we share the prayers of the whole community.

Share a Prayer works like this; each week there will be a small table set up in the Fellowship Room that contains "thinking of you cards," a basket and pre-printed prayer cards. We ask that you fill out a thinking of you card with just the initials of the person you would like prayers for. The reason it is just their initials is because All Saints' doesn't have permission to use their names and, more importantly, our faith tells us that Jesus will call them by name. Place the card in the prayer basket. Each week Father Curtis will bless the basket contents.

Each Sunday you should pick up one of the pre-printed prayer cards, or provide an email address so that it can be emailed to you. Once a day pray the one or two line prayer on the card -- you pick the time and the place. Instead of one prayer each week this becomes a rolling daily petition to God. Each time you say the prayer you are praying for everyone in the basket and we are all praying as one community by using the same prayer.


If you have questions, please speak with Lisa Beausoleil or Father Curtis


The prayer for this week is shared below.