The mission of All Saints' Episcopal Church is to honor our Lord Jesus Christ by practicing
our Christian faith through prayer and acts of love and unconditional kindness.  

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Celebration of 40 Years Ordained,
Sunday, July 27th

From +Rob:

The fortieth anniversary on July 29 of the Ordination of seven women to the priesthood in Philadelphia is an important spiritual milestone in the life of the Church. Though many take it as a breakthrough moment in establishing equal opportunity in God's service in the Church, I believe it was even more than a simple act of long-awaited justice.

Speaking personally for a moment, I was fourteen years old when this historic event occurred. My active life in the church really began just a few years later so my memories of being at an altar when women were not present, either as presiders or preachers, at the Liturgy are remote and few. The women with whom I studied in preparation for ordination and then eventually served alongside in my time as both priest and bishop have all showed me dimensions of God's character and activity in the world. To be in a gathering of priests, or bishops, when women are absent seems utterly awkward and incomplete to me, and I have come to view with suspicion any decisions about the church or world made in the absence of women.

What happened in Philadelphia opened a window that allowed us to see more completely the image of Jesus Christ...yes, Jesus Christ. whom Dame Julian of Norwich, among other divines, prayed to as "mother." To help us pray in thanksgiving I commend the attached litany of prayer to be prayed in the congregations of New Hampshire on the Sundays surrounding the anniversary. I am grateful to the Rev. Susan Langle for her eloquent crafting the litany for our use.



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