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Getting married or having a blessing of a Civil Marriage.....


We rejoice with you that you are ready to enter into a faithful, committed, monogamous relationship in the presence of a gathered community of friends and family. And we celebrate this occasion for God to bless your commitment.


All couples of any gender combination are welcome to get married in the Episcopal Church in New Hampshire. Because we consider marriage to be a sacrament, at least one of the persons needs to be a practicing Episcopalian, preferably at All Saints'. 


In the Episcopal Church, couples are required to meet with the priest for a series of premarital counseling sessions prior to the date of of the wedding. These sessions allow the priest and couple time to get to know each other better, and to talk about the hopes, dreams, and expectations of marriage. This time is also to review the service in order to understand more deeply the the words and prayers from the Book of Common prayer that will be offered on this most important day. Couples should be in touch with the parish about a marriage at least four months before the desired date.


Call our Rector at 603-444-3414, or through our contact page by clicking here, to make an appointment to discuss dates and particulars. Our Parish Hall is also available for receptions and includes a professional kitchen ready for caterers.

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