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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Hints & links

Composting made EASY!

Meadowstone Farm has compost collection bin for food waste at their farm
in Bethlehem and at:

+ The Littleton Food Coop

+ Littleton & Franconia transfer stations 

Deposit your food waste and help the environment!

What goes in:
+ Any vegetable, fruit or plant scraps
+ Cooked meat or fish and bones
+ Egg shells, coffee grounds, shrimp tails

Not allowed:
+ Plastics, metals and recyclables
+ Raw meat or fish
+ Liquids including yogurt, cottage cheese

Processed and cured compost is available
for purcahse at Meadowstone Farm as well as farm products.

Click to watch the Meadowstone Farm

Food Waste  to Compost video 


Seasonal Suggestions

  • Use biodegradable seed starters.

  • After buying plants, take the plastic pots
    and containers to Lowes for recycling.

  • Don’t use fertilizer near lakes and streams!

  • Consider drought-tolerant plants and collect rainwater.

  • Mulch plants to conserve moisture.



Happening here soon!

Coffee Hour on June 18
will feature composting suggestions. Come and see how easy it is to develop some good earth-friendly habits.


Join Creation Caregivers

We meet at 9:00 am (between services) on the second Sunday of each month. We welcome your ideas!  

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