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Memorial Altar Flower Ministry

The beautiful flowers that adorn our altar every Sunday are donated by parishioners in memory of loved ones, in thanksgiving for someone or something, or in celebration of an event. This ministry continues on after the Sunday service through the distribution of the altar flowers to those who are ill or unable to attend Sunday services. It is also fine for you to take the flowers after the 10:00 am service is over. There is an Altar Flower sign-up calendar posted on the bulletin board in the Fellowship Room. The Parish Administrative Assistant will contact you the week prior to your assigned date to both remind you of your commitment and to ask what you would like printed in the bulletin. There are a few options for providing altar flowers:

Use A Local Florist
Call one of the local florists (see resources section below) and explain that you are from All Saints’ and would like to order altar flowers. They will take care of everything and deliver the flowers to church on Saturday morning (both florists have keys.) The Altar Guild member on duty takes care of displaying them on the retable. The pricing for these arrangements start at around $30 each.

Create Your Own Arrangement
In addition to the two brass vases that you typically see used on Sunday, we also have a variety of glass vases and ceramic pots that may be used. If creating arrangements for the brass vases you will need to make plans to either collect the metal vase inserts from church or arrange a time to work on your arrangements in the parish kitchen. It’s best to come during office hours so that you have access to all that you need and someone is around if you have questions. Please check with the Parish Administrative Assistant prior to using the kitchen to ensure there are no scheduling conflicts.


Display Ready Plant
Purchase something that is ‘display ready’ that can be placed on the retable i.e. potted orchids or other potted plants.



Local Florists

Cherry Blossom


EH Floral

Flower / Plant Sourcing:

Tarrnation Flower Farm: In season (May to September) you can stop by the flower farm
(96 Streeter Pond Road, Sugar Hill) and purchase flowers to create your own arrangements. 


Shaw’s Supermarket  / Home Depot / Lowes
Typically have a good selection of cut flowers (Shaw’s only) and potted plants.

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